Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ok, ok. It's done.

I'm finished.  Finally.  It's time to unveil my top-secret project!!

What?  No trumpets?  No red carpet?  Geez, you're a tough crowd.

Do I at least get a "please"?  No?  Oh well.

Without further ado, here she be:

My very first pattern (with tutorial):  a farmer's market bag (with full lining), perfect for summer market shopping, summer picnic enjoying, summer lunch toting and summer beach lounging!  Not exactly in time for Mothers Day, as I had hoped, but oh well what can you do?

I've posted it to Scribd but I have no idea if their stupid printing problems have been resolved, so I would recommend that you sign up for a free account and download the document. 

*ETA: HA!  Here it is on my very own blog, suckas!  Enjoy!!

If you can avoid printing this 20-page sucker out, I (and our forests) would be grateful.

I don't just give you the pattern for this bag - I've included a full (exhaustive, 'cause you know me - if something can be said in 50 words, I like to use 150) step-by-step tutorial on how to make the bag.  That way, beginners can learn how to actually build a bag and intermediates may learn a couple of new techniques (but maybe not - who am I to say?).  At any rate, it's there and it's waiting for you to go and try it.

Oh, just one more thing.  No-one but me has proof-read this baby.  No-one has tested it.  If you decide to, could you let me know if you find any glitches?

Good luck, my pretties!

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