Monday, August 22, 2011

Sad Day

I just read that our beloved Jack Layton, leader of the NDP (New Democratic Party) passed away this morning.

Jack was tireless and passionate.  One could argue that he was single-handedly responsible for elevating his Party to the forefront of Canadian politics.

In the words of Wikipedia: "In the May 2, 2011 election, Layton led the NDP to 103 seats, more than double its previous high. This was also enough to make the NDP the Official Opposition in the Commons for the first time ever."

Exactly four weeks ago today, he appeared on TV looking a little worse for wear and announced that he was going to take a leave of absence from the leadership of the party in order to concentrate yet again on a new battle with an unspecified cancer.  I think it is fair to say that much of the country collectively gasped in dismay when he broke the news.

He had finally, after decades of dedication and hard work, reached a point where his life's ambition (becoming Prime Minister of Canada) was within his grasp.  My heart is completely broken.

Story on the Globe and Mail site.

ETA: Jack's last letter to Canadians.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


On the way home from our latest sailing excursion.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's habit-forming

See ya, suckas.

What can I say?  Once again, I have no knitting or sewing content for you.  We've had such crap weather for MONTHS (we're going to get 20mm of rain between midnight tonight and tomorrow evening, for example) and when the sun pokes out, the LAST thing I want to do is stay indoors, at my sewing table. 

But, I did work in the garden for a while last week and have this to show for it:

Apparently, my basil and my black currants are having a disagreement.  The basil says my garden sucks and the currant bushes are thumbing their noses at the little punks.  So, what do I do with them?  Ideas?  I found a raspberry/currant jam recipe I might try...

Speaking of raspberries, I found an organic raspberry U-Pick patch a few towns over.  Run by a 12-year-old boy named Daniel.  It was awesome.  We picked and bought 14 kg of them.  They filled one of those big ice cream buckets they serve ice cream out of at a Dairy Bar.  I could barely pick it up.

So, we've been jammin'.

Also, I invented a drink.  It's called I'm-Sick-of-Drinking-Straight-Water-and-Since-I-Can't-Drink-Regular-Fruit-Juice-I'm-Going-to-Juice-Every-Citrus-Fruit-in-the-Fridge-and-Add-Some-Sugar-and-Water-to-it-and-Call-it-a-Cocktail.  Deeelish.

Speaking of designing food, I made up a new burger sauce.  See, I can't have ketchup or barbecue sauce these days.  Which makes burgers a little boring.  So, I raided the fridge (you noticing a trend, here?) and blended this together to make Awesome Sauce (that's what I'm calling it):

(Bear with the vague quantities; my husband chucked the piece of paper containing my notes...the infidel.)

1/4 cup of mayo (NOT Miracle Whip)
1 tsp-ish of maple syrup (I have to avoid brown sugar or honey or agave nectar, but you could try those instead)
1 tsp-ish of lime juice
1/4 tsp (MAXIMUM - this stuff is potent) of fish sauce (available at Asian stores in the Thai section)
a sprinkle of good curry powder*
a half sprinkle of chipotle powder

*There is a spice lady at the Farmer's Market in town and she is my idol.  She has taught me so much about spices, it's kind of insane.  I mentioned that I have not always enjoyed curry powder and she explained that it is because there was too much turmeric in it.  The store-bought stuff is commonly made that way, she said.  She sold me some stuff that she calls "Citrus Thai Curry" and oh. my. gawd.  Swoon.  Also, she sells Smoked Applewood Sea Salt.  Gah.  To die for.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Forgiveness, please?

I am sorry for so much radio silence here, recently.

It's just that, if given the option between sitting inside in front of the computer, writing blog posts and  enjoying one of our increasingly rare SUMMER days by, say, going sailing on a friend's boat, the choice seems simple.

I love freckles, freckles are fun.  I love freckles, I wish I had just one...

Result of day out on sailboat:

1.  I want to learn how to sail.  More than I wanted to before.  Which is saying a LOT.
2.  My husband wants to learn to sail.  Bonus!  That means it will be less difficult to justify the cost of lessons and memberships in sailing clubs...
3.  I want a sailboat.
4.  I have a sunburn on my face.  Again.  Despite the 30 SPF.  What is WRONG with me?  I'm a TANNER, for crying out loud.  Sunburns just don't happen to me!
5.  I really really really want to learn how to sail.
6.  I now have only one half of one weekend day to do all the laundry, clean the house, do some painting (no, not the fun artsy kind, the boring wall kind), patch some drywall, cook some stuff, take the dogs for a long walk on the beach, bake some stuff, make a meal plan for the week, vacuum the dust buffaloes that have taken up residence in my kitchen (the space under the stove is a dark and scary place), maybe go out for a bike ride with a friend, do some sewing (?) and write a couple of blog posts so that you don't boycott me.

No worries, right?