Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have to hurry, or she'll beat me to the punch

**EDITED TO ADD: I've been asked to remove this pattern from the Internet, and I have done so.  Please be sure that you always obtain written permission from the designer before you post modifications online, regardless of whether or not the pattern is free.  My sincerest apologies for any trouble I've caused.**

Wood and I have cooked up yet another little project.  Her daughter's birthday was coming up and she wrote me, asking for some help on how to modify this wonderful little tunic/dress by Tora Froseth (free pattern!) so that she could knit it up in worsted weight yarn.  **Edited to add: the pattern is for the 24 month size, ONLY.  Even I am not crazy enough to translate it in to 4 different sizes!**

I couldn't very well let her disappoint her daughter, could I?  Plus, she was going to use the yarn I sent her during our yarn exchange.  How could I say no, I ask you?  So here it is.

Now, it's not exactly like the original.  It's definitely got a different shape in the shoulders, and the ribbing is smaller, but there's only so much I could do.  I've never done this sort of thing before and until I had it figured out (and had myself a major EUREKA! moment), I didn't actually know that I could do it.  And don't ask me to explain how I did it, because: a) I can't really remember and b) there was algebra involved.

Oh yes, I did just write "algebra" in my blog.  My brain can not get over this fact.

So, you've probably found yourself on this page because she has linked to it (I hope I have managed to put this up before her).  If that's the case, WELCOME!  If you were already visiting, well....all I can say is that I'm sorry for this poor excuse of a post and you'll just have to wait until Wood posts the photos of her finished project, because I can't show you yet.  Sorry!  Suckstobeyou!

I'm cooking up a couple more projects, so I'll be back soon with them.  I just have to get through the next two hellish weeks, first.



  1. oh god, of course you beat me to the punch. I am always 3x later with blogging than I mean to be, so you have plenty of time. I'll try to get it up soon. thanks again!

  2. oh danielle! you've read my mind. i have been wanting to make this forever, but seriously lack the brain power (and algebra!?) to make the adjustments... thank you!

    (...sorry again for almost killing you)

  3. @lori: weeeelll, technically, Wood read your mind. It wasn't my idea, but I COULD take credit for it, if you'd like... Now, it's the 24-month size, so it won't fit Sosi, but you could make it for Ila (thinking of the future, here).

    Also, in case anyone is wondering, Lori did NOT "almost kill" me. We were in a minor accident, last weekend. She was driving and we wiped out and flipped into the snow-filled ditch. She felt horrible and swore a blue streak and I tried really hard not to pee my pants laughing. It was an adventure and no-one got hurt. If you're going to get into an accident, I strongly recommend that you do it in a minivan, doing 65 km/h on a wintery road and that you slide into the ditch in a big pile of snow. It's definitely the way to go.

  4. @Miranda: I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?! I was sitting there, doing math and slipping x's, y's and z's in there, as needed. All of the sudden, I realized what I was doing and just about fell off my chair! I was actually a math whiz (don't hate me 'cause I'm smart), but I remember sitting in class, wondering when the hell I was ever going to use this useless stuff in "real" life. Go figure!

  5. Hi DW
    I love this pattern (and your modifications) and would like to make it for my daughter, who just turned 5 and is an average sized 5 year old. I plan to use worsted weight yarn to adjust needle size to get your gauge.

    However I dont have a good sense of how much yarn is needed. Can you give some guidelines?

  6. you all are totally making me want to pick up knitting again.... so many crafting options!

  7. I see you've added a comment that it's for a 24 mo only. I have to toss this out there -- the shape of the dress is super adaptable for lots of ages. I know Juniper is small, but I think this dress could be made longer or shorter as is (as modified by the great DW) for lots of sizes. I suspect that Juniper will wear it for years, and can put it over jeans as she gets taller. This 24-mo size is not at all tight on Juniper, and she is 5. She's a short and skinny 5, but she's bigger than a two-year old. a little bit, anyway. :)

  8. @Michelle: I have absolutely no idea what to tell you, dear. I didn't actually knit this up, so I don't even know how much yarn the 24-month version would need. I gave Wood about 750 yards of yarn, but I have no idea if she used it all or not.

    You may want to contact her on that one. Sorry to be so un-helpful. I wish I knew everything (sigh). It would save so much time, don't you think?

  9. Oh, and I don't how much I used either. Let me look and see how much I have left. If I had to guess -- I'd say approximately 500 yards? does that sound right? (approximately 2 skeins of what you sent me, maybe a little more than 2)