Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why are you here, again? Oh RIGHT. For the KNITTING!

There has not been as much of it going on as I would like, what with all the renovations (almost done folks, almost done) and the moving around of furniture (photos and details of my new work area to follow).  But I have made some progress on my shawl (the one I bought yarn for during Hurricane Earl, remember?):

 I'm really loving the texture and the colours.  So nice.  The pattern I'm using is Shadow Knitting Sock Yarn shawl, by Kimberly Gintar.  You can find it on Ravelry and it's really easy - no fancy stuff, nothing complicated to memorize.  A pretty nice first-time-knitting-something-lacy project, all in all.

My other knitting project (let us not speak of the unfortunate teal cardigan that is languishing in the project bag, while I shamelessly cheat on it with other, more exciting knitting...) is a little something I'm working on with one of your fellow readers, Laura B.  She wanted a little girl's tunic in aran weight yarn.  So, she's getting a tunic in an aran weight yarn:

I live to please, people.  I live to please. 

Free pattern to follow...

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