Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My stash just doubled

Seriously.  I'm at work (this is a surreptitious blog post).  I just got my Knit Picks order.  I want to jump around and squeeeeee like a little girl but no-one here gets it, so I think I'll refrain.

So, wherever you are, squee for me, ok?

{T: Your birthday knitting was dependent on this stash's arrival, so I'm here to tell you that it may will be late.  Again.  Sigh.}


  1. Woh!! Nice stash enhancement there. The admin staff at my work are getting used to phoning me to come pick up my big box 'o yarn at the front desk. Happy knitting!

  2. Aw, no worries! Late presents make a birthday last longer! :) Have fun with the new stash!