Monday, June 20, 2011

I really wish I had more to tell you

I've been busy.  I know, so have you.  I probably feel more than appropriately guilty for the time I have spent away from this space, but you likely haven't even noticed, have you?

Since the last time we spoke, I had a high school friend visit from Manitoba and we spent several days catching up on stuff.  It was pretty twilight zoney in a lot of ways.  We haven't hung out together in 16 years, but we still think alike and enjoy a lot of the same things (yup, she knits).  Strange how that works!

The garden started growing in earnest, while I wasn't looking:

We've also started taking our weekly beach walks (if the weather would co-operate, we could make these walks DAILY, but as it stands, Mother Nature hates us)(stupid 11C forecast tomorrow).

(Entertainment tangent: would you just look at how funny his face is in this photo...kind of like he's just inhaled a bug:)

Oh, and I knit a pair of socks:

I figured that seeing as I'm still WEARING wool socks regularly, I might as well keep right on knitting myself more of them.  But seriously, isn't this colour to die for?


  1. I just wanted to use this chance to say THANK YOU for all the work you put into your tutorials and how-to's. Your blog is wonderful! I found it while looking for help with the child placket neck sweater. Which, if it weren't for the directions, would otherwise be an easy pattern!

    I've got your blog bookmarked!


  2. Oh, and I LOVE the garden obelisk! I'm going to "order" some from my husband.

  3. What a lovely thing to say! Thanks so much for your comments. If there's ever anything you want me to talk about or if you have any questions, I'm always open to suggestions.