Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Stuff

I mentioned a few posts back that I recently spent some time with my "little" cousin (who is actually 26 and very much a grown up... it's just that I refuse to accept it).  She's pregnant for the first time and I don't know if I can express how excited that makes me feel.

See, I don't want kids.  I like kids just fine.  There a even a few that I love.  I spent years babysitting (e.g. the aforementioned cousin) and really enjoyed it, for the most part.  I just don't want any of my own.  And neither does my stepsister.  And my brother is disabled so he won't be having any.  And I have another stepsister who lives a continent away and I don't have a relationship with.

So what I'm saying is: I kinda feel like my cousin's baby is going to make me an aunt.  You know what I mean?  This particular cousin is the closest female to me in age in the family (my step-sisters came after she was born, so they don't count for the purposes of my explanation) and I was absolutely smitten with her when she was born.  My uncle and mother get along very well, so we spent a lot of time together when she was little.  I see her as a little sister.  And I know she sees me as a big sister.

(As a juicy aside: her father - my uncle - had a little fling when he was 18 or so and fathered a daughter that was put up for adoption.  None of us knew anything about it and a few years ago, they were put in contact with each other for the first time.  How cool is that?  Just like that, I got another cousin!  Yay!  And it means that, out of 5 children, my uncle had 4 daughters.  That's crazy town.)

But I digress (REALLY? YOU DON'T SAY!).

So now I need something from you all: ideas for handmade baby gifts.

I have made her some bibs and a few little washcloths.  I'm also making her a market bag to use for whatever.

I know those little legwarmers thingies are the best thing evar, so I'm making some of them, too.  They're teal and they're going to have lighter teal and mustard stripes.  I am so smitten that want to make myself a pair.

So what else?  She's due in March, so I gotta get crackin'!


  1. CongrAUNTulations!

    For sewing: A breastfeeding pillow or cover.
    For knitting: My friend recieved a hand-me-down sweater like this:
    and raved about how easy it was to put on a squirmy baby. It'd be really unique.

  2. i just started reading, but a baby sling, a la:

    one of the most useful things i've ever used in conjuction with babies

  3. Hats! My girls were both born in cold months and I thought the hats I found in stores were boring. I didn't know how to knit then but a friend gave me a knitted hat for my youngest. Best thing ever. I now make them for every new baby and my girls got new ones last year. I have some great patterns if you need an idea-of course Ravelry has lots of choices.

  4. Awww! HOO-RAY for baby gifts. What a lucky cousin you have and I think you are completely justified in considering yourself and aunt. :)

    Meathead hat. All babies must have Meathead hats.

  5. I second the nursing cover (super easy so you can make lots of different ones), and the sling. But the other thing that's really awesome is bloomers or diaper covers of some kind. They're also super easy and so much cuter than seeing a diaper.

    (Well, unless she's going to cloth diaper--which is awesome, in which case, knitted woolie diaper covers are perfection!)

  6. My great-grandmother handmade some beautiful toys for my (much) older brother & sister. Sadly I didn't get to know her myself. But I still have the toys! They are in my kids' room right now and have survived 50 years of grubby fingers. Here's a starting point for ideas:

  7. Holy cow, dudes! You guys rock.

    breastfeeding cover: check (her mother homebirthed all four of her kids and breastfed them all for years, so I'm sure she's going to go the organic-diy-natural route, too)

    back-zipping hoodie: check (who knew!?!?!)

    baby sling: double-check (she herself grew up in one of those baby backpacks, so I'm sure she'll love that)

    hats/meathead hats: check and check

    diaper covers: check (the cloth diaper route is probably a safe assumption here, but I hear that some babies have reactions to them, so I may wait to see what the verdict is)

    toys: oh, so check (the little lamb is making me squeee in a most undignified manner... my cousin grew up on one of those perfect farms (see: SouleMama), so I want to make sure her little one is surrounded by reminders of that)

    Oh gawd, this blog is going to turn into a baby-gift blog if I'm not careful.

  8. I want to see what the little legwarmers look like when you are done. I just made little baby slippers, check out my blog for today's post. I just posted what I made. The pattern is there too.

  9. This makes me more excited with my baby shower. I can't wait to see those different baby stuffs for my baby boy. Although I'm not sure if I'm really having a boy.