Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Le soupir

Have just spent the past hour undoing 2.5" of intarsia work.

No, am not feeling homicidal at all, thanks for asking.

My mantra, currently: I knit because I love to do it, I knit because I love to do it, I knit because I love to do it...

To all of you out there who are just learning to knit and you are saying to yourselves "I can't wait until I am more experienced and stop making mistakes", all I have to say is this: you never stop making mistakes.  You just get better at fooling yourself into thinking you aren't making them and, as your knitting speeds up, you just start getting into trouble faster.  Thus, a misreading of the effing instructions and a disregard for the need to COUNT MY DAMN STITCHES + three hours of catching up with Grey's Anatomy online = a total mess (as evidenced above).

Am cutting my ends and tossing this entire rat's nest of loose yarn into a ziplock to be untangled (only if absolutely necessary: I may be mental, but I'm not a masochist) later.  For now, I have plenty of extra yarn and I'm not afraid to use it.  Onwards, friends.  This vest ain't gonna knit itself (though I really wish it would).

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  1. Oh crappy crap. I feel for you. Tomorrow is a fresh day...