Saturday, February 18, 2012

I complained that this winter was lame and the Universe heard me.

We got slammed by a nasty storm last Sunday.  Wicked nasty.  Like hurricane-y winds and freezing rain nasty.

Naturally, it caused a 24-hour long power outage - which is actually kind of par for the course in these parts.  We're in a rural area and we get hit with atrocious Weather all the time.  It doesn't really phase us anymore (since we got our wood stove).

Only.... I'm a dummy and didn't fill the bathtub with water on Saturday night.  Nor did I finish the laundry.

So we spent the day on Sunday melting snow on the wood stove so that we could flush the toilet (in case you're an urbanite and aren't familiar with the realities of a rural existence, allow me to illustrate: country living + power outage = no water) and give the dogs something to drink.  And figuring out what to eat without opening the fridge for any reason (I cheated and got out some eggs and made french toast on the wood stove...yum!).  And trying to stay clean and trying to figure out what to wear on Monday, as there was no bathing and no clean laundry.

I've decided that I can do without power outages, thank you very much.

But, on the bright side, I did lots of knitting (and reading, but mostly knitting).  It's the perfect excuse to spend 7 hours straight with needles and yarn.  You can't work up a sweat knitting.  So that reduces the chances that you'll need to bathe.  Can't very well do any chores when you have no running water or electricity to run the washing machine or vacuum cleaner, can you?

Meet Sleeve 2 of my new Seamless Hybrid cardigan/jacket thingy.  I'm designing it as I go.  'Cause I'm a rebel like dat.  Word.

(Sleeve 1 is just as awesome, I promise.)

The dogs have no concept of electricity, so they were happy just to sit in front of wrapped around the wood stove which I kept going full blast all day.  Notice how madame crosses her legs as she lounges by the hearth.  How demure.  Too bad we know better.

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