Thursday, March 1, 2012


So you know how you hear all these stories and claims on the news and internet about the environment and you don't know what it is true and what isn't?  It seems like everyone contradicts each other constantly and it's impossible to know who has a clue and who doesn't.  I find it totally bewildering and not to mention infuriating: the only voices we seem to hear are from those who stand to financially gain from keeping us in the dark.  (In North America, this is the case - I can't speak to what Europeans are hearing.)

You may have heard some of the disturbing comments coming out of the Prime Minister's office and the office of some of his Ministers, recently.  Apparently, if you are harbouring or voicing serious concerns about the rate and scope at which the Tar Sands (I refuse to gloss over it: it's tar, people.  Let's call it what it is) are growing and about how the Canadian People are going to deal with the fallout of it ('cause you know we will, right?  Despite what they might say, Syncrude won't have any compunction about leaving their mess behind when they're through) or the fact that they want to run a huge oil pipeline through the Rockies and some extremely sensitive ecosystems, you are an Enemy of Canada.  That's right.  If Mr. Harper or one of his lackeys reads this blog post, they could very well brand me a terrorist.  And the idea that he could find me (despite the fact that I have posted no personal information here, beyond my dogs' names) is not so incredible: his Minister of Public Safety (Vic Toews) is doing his damnedest at the moment to make it perfectly legal to search everyone's computer and obtain someone's IP address without a warrant or any evidence of wrongdoing.

My point?  I think we, as Canadians, have to start speaking up for ourselves.  En masse.  Suddenly, though my family has been in this country for 400+ years, I've never broken the law and I have never even so much as stepped off Canadian soil, I am an Enemy of Canada.


Sorry, STEVE.  I am just as Canadian as you are and I have every RIGHT to disagree with everything you do, say and stand for.  You were elected in a Democracy and it shall remain a Democracy.

Nice try, though.  You effing bully.

So, in the spirit of fighting back and speaking up, I'm doing something (very small, but hey, it's something): I'm going to suggest that you go and check out this blog.  It is written by someone who is extremely knowledgeable about current environmental issues and policy surrounding it.  This person is studying to earn a Master's Degree on this topic, with the hopes of someday working in in the public sector as a policy advisor.   If you have any questions about anything you've read (on the blog or anywhere else, for that matter), write the author and ask; he is more than happy to respond.  His writing is to the point, simple to understand and, best of all, based firmly in SCIENCE.  Which, at the moment, means he is left-leaning.  Our current right-leaning government doesn't much like "science". 

(Disclosure: this person also happens to be my husband.  But don't let that fool you - I wouldn't send you over there if I thought it would, in any way, be a waste of your time.  Au contraire, mes amis.  You shall not regret it.)

Thanks for putting up with my rare foray into activism.  Stand by for more knitting.


  1. Hi, I'm a lurker here to say that you should also check out this blog:

    The guy who writes it has a PhD in planetary science (he was a classmate of mine), and practices what he preaches. His academic area of specialty was Jupiter's moons, but now he's building an environmental consulting business.

  2. The crazy sh*t we hear in the US denying climate change, etc., makes my European toenails curl. I bookmarked his blog; loved today's diagram!

  3. Thanks Hanna! He went and took a look at the blog you linked and he came away with his eyes bugging out of his head! (PS: That's a good thing.)

    Wollgut: curling toenails. Totally. Only, imagine if it was your own native country's government spewing that BS! I've always been so proud to be Canadian (my pride was kind of iron-clad, too), but I gotta tell ya, Steve and his cronies are really eroding that.