Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Take THAT, huge retailers bent on taking over the World!

Step One:

Notice that you seem to be experiencing a pillowcase deficit in your home.

Step Two:

Stop in at a Big Box Store (a.k.a.: Ugh) the next time you are in town to see what they are offering.

Step Three:

Walk over to the linen department, find what you are looking for and hunt down the price tag.

Step Four:

Pick your jaw up off the floor.

(SERIOUSLY?  $40 for two pillowcases?  COTTON pillowcases? SINCE WHEN???)

Step Five:

Turn around and storm out of the store, muttering "No, no, no, no, no, no.  NO.  Just no." under your breath.

Step Six:

Drive home, thanking Heaven the entire way that your mother/grandmother/aunt/the internet taught you how to sew, and find some old flat sheets in the linen closet that you are currently not using - preferably the ones you bought at that garage sale for $1 each.

Step Seven:

Iron them.

Step Eight:

Using an older pillowcase as a template, cut out 8 rectangular pillow-sized pieces, match them into pairs (with right sides facing), sew three sides of each pair together, hem the openings and pop them right-side-out.

Step Nine:

Do a little victory shimmy, à la football touchdown booty shake, and sing "Oh no, you are NOT gettin' my money, SUCKAS!"

Step Ten:

Take a photo and blog about it, just because.

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