Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just keeping my head down and chugging along...

Put together a pair of quick-and-dirty pinstriped wool trousers for work, today.  So, now I won't look like a bum.  Much.

Pretty sexy window in the background there, eh?  Oh YEAH!  Renovations, I love you.

Hey, here's a question:  If I was inclined to put together a little tutorial on how I make these pants (these are my go-to pants, when I need work clothes), would be of any use to you?  It's not the kind of pattern you could take and duplicate - everyone's would be very different.  But, it might give people ideas...  Plus, they're very frugal, if you can make them work for you.

Let me know, k?

Also, I am in the process of creating a set of downloadable flash cards/cheat sheets for knitting.  You know, a little set of cards you could stick in your project bag (or use as bookmarks) that would have instructions for things like kitchener stitch (holy crap, how many times do I have to relearn it before it sticks IN MY BRAIN???!?!?!).  I also want to add a card or two for abbreviations and different cast on/bind off methods.  In fact, here's a list of stuff I want to detail (just off the top of my head):

  • abbreviations
  • kitchener stitch
  • cast ons (flat knitting and in-the-round)
  • bind offs
  • different types of ribbing with photos
  • a few stitch patterns that produce flat, even fabric (for edging and hems), so I don't have to keep depending on 2x2 ribbing or seed stitch
  • all the different increases
  • all the different decreases
  • joining ends in the yarn
  • buttonholes
  • how to insert a thumb into a mitten
  • an afterthought pocket (I'm channeling Elizabeth Zimmermann, here)?
  • maybe some typical sizing (hat sizes for kids, men, women, etc)?
  • seaming in different types of stitch patterns
  • i-cord
Knitters, can you think of anything else you'd like to see?  The idea here is that these could be used by beginners while they're learning, but also by more advanced knitters to remember rarely-used skills.  They would be free and posted online for anyone to use.  Ideally, you'd print them onto card stock and cut them up into smaller cards, yourself.

Let me know about that too, ok?

**Edited to add:  Beginner knitters, you are in a unique position to help me!  I know you have come across mysterious instructions that have left you completely gobsmacked.  That has happened to all of us.  What were they?**


  1. I'd for sure love both of those things. I don't have go to pants, but I do have a go to skirt, so I appreciate how great it is to be able to take something familiar and have it really work for you...

    And, oh, knitting! I have no suggestions for you, because I'm still really, really early into the learning process, but I still know that I'd love a ready reference thingy.

  2. Pants pattern would be great--knitting flashcards an awesome idea instead of carrying a book along with--also, how about a watercolor demonstration?????


  3. = O

    I want everything you just talked about. I knit with gusto and no skill- and the same goes for sewing. I'm enthusiastic but unrefined and I would love some help!

  4. Bwahahaha!

    Kyla, I swear to you, if you had any idea how perfect that description was, you would laugh with me! You've just described my entire life!

    "with gusto and no skill"

    *shakes head, chuckling*

    All right, your wish is my command (except don't push your luck). I took some photos yesterday, but it's getting dark at 2:30 pm, these days, so they weren't great. I'll take a better look at them and maybe restart, if necessary. You know, 'cause I always need pants. It's just how I roll.

  5. Yes on the pants, yes on the flash cards. That is such a great idea! I've also been meaning to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I'll definitely be checking back for some sewing help. Oh and I have to make that kid's sweater too. You're really adding to my to-do list!