Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There has been some demolishing around here...

I just love his Crocs and white sport socks, don't you?  What can I say, folks?  We are in the privacy of our own home so I let it slide, but he would wear this stuff in public if I wasn't here to save him from himself.

Anyway, we are now shower/bath- and sink-less (apart from the kitchen sink, which acts as hub to all washing activities), for now.  Things are actually coming along well.  Not too many hiccups.  No exploding toilets.

My in-laws are in town, so there has been sight-seeing/yarn shopping (I bought 2000m - holy smokes, that's 2 km! - of some delicious grapey/auberginey purple superwash merino that is destined to become yet another sweater):

There has been some blocking (Laura, I'm not sure about this design... let's talk):

There has been sewing - 2 more pairs of lightweight pants.  The air conditioning at the office precludes me from wearing dresses and capri pants.  FAWGETTABAWDIT.  I've gotten into the habit of wearing sweaters to work.  Pathetic.  We whine all winter long and then refrigerate ourselves to the point of hypothermia for the only warm months of the year.  It's summer; I'd like to roast, please.  But no.  So, drawstring poplin summer pants it is.

And there has been some re-reading.  Of "Knitting Without Tears", by EZ.  I am planning a seamless hybrid sweater for City Boy and I think it's a good solid base to start with.  He has GAWGEOUS shoulders and the seamless hybrid is just perfect for showcasing that sort of thing.  (Tora, how could I have forgotten it was in that book - it is the only book of hers that I own!  What a silly girl I am!).

Of course, there has also been knitting.  Well, frogging and knitting.  My cardigan sat in purgatory for a little bit, but I managed to finish the sleeves and had a bunch of yarn left over, so I ripped back the placket, the collar and half of the body, so I can make it longer and sleeker (it was gearing up to make me look suspiciously like a bus... not *completely*, but there was a soupçon of public transit and that's not a good thing).  So, there's been some backtracking, but I'm not upset about it.  I shall have some actual photographic proof soon.

Other than that, things have been quiet.  My digestive issues did not clear up, as I was hoping.  I'm on an even stricter elimination diet than before (no sugar, no honey, no fresh or dried fruit, no yeast, no potatoes, no dairy, no gluten - obviously, no peanut butter, no red meat, no eggs - I might cave in on that one, no fried foods, no vinegar, no soy sauce).  Just rice, vegetables and  fish.  That is all.  Oh, and water.  THAT is all.  I'm going to find out what's been ailing me and I'm going to kick its arse.  I'm on aloe water and vitamins and probiotic supplements and I'm getting some caprylic acid and bentonite tomorrow and I'm going to feel so much better in 2 weeks that I'll want to dance a jig.  You just watch me.  Here's hoping, anyway.

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  1. That diet sounds kind of hard to keep. I hope it'll help you, though. Good luck on that one!

    The air conditioning makes it possible to wear knitted goodies in summer - just to look at it from the bright side. I prefer warm summers as well, though, so I see your point.

    Good luck with the sweater calculations, I look forward to see what you're up to!