Saturday, September 25, 2010

A question of identity

Folks, I'm getting a little annoyed with Scribd.  Unless I'm completely mistaken (it's been known to happen, on occasion), they've made it mandatory to sign up for a (free) account in order to download OR print out the documents posted there.  That kinda makes me grumpy.

As a result of this new policy of theirs, I've received several requests in the past week to e-mail the raglan pattern file to people, which I'm happy to do, but which is a bit troublesome when I'm already swamped with work.  I really really really REALLY don't want to forget anyone's request and I'm afraid that will happen.  Someone even left a note on the raglan's Ravelry page (not a direct message to my inbox) and I just noticed it yesterday - it's been sitting there for a month, while I've been going about my business.  I feel quite bad about it.

So, I'm looking into other options.  Someday, I'll have my own website and won't have to rely on Blogger or Scribd, but that's not going to happen for a while. 

Now, Ravelry allows free uploading/downloading of patterns.  But here's the catch: you need to submit a "Designer Name" in order to have the right to do that.  As you may have noticed, I am a bit anal about maintaining a bit of anonymity on these here Interwebs.  That's because I have a public life and a private life and dog-willing, never the twain shall meet.  Right now, the raglan pattern is just attributed to "atmymothersknee" and I am a "volunteer editor".  If I want to upload patterns to Ravelry, that has to change.  They require "a realistic first and last or first and middle name".  But, I am NOT going to submit my real name.

So, here's what I need from you:   Make up a name for me, will ya?  If I choose the one you create, I'll send you a treat.  As the idea just occurred to me, I have no idea what that treat will be, so I'm open to ideas on that, too.  {As long as I don't need a second mortgage to afford the shipping, of course.}

Sound like a plan?  Make me laugh, folks.  Throw some ideas out there and make them count.  {Earthenwitch, I'm looking at you - given your imagination, my expectations are high.}  I know you can come up with something outstanding.

I'll start things off: Daisy Wilhelmina.  Desdemona Whitehall.


  1. I completely get the anonymity desire. Rhea Tyke Moments; Mary Hemes Knotte; Mary Theme Tokens; Merman Ethos Tyke; Theta Emery Monks...(anagrams for 'atmymothersknee')

  2. Deirdre Windsor
    Dee Winter
    Jeanne Biche (french Jane Doe)

  3. Here's an idea.

    Amy Mothersknee

    All I did was remove the T in the word at. Mothersknee sounds like an Aboriginal last name.

  4. My husband's all time favorite (and the reason my daughter's name is Emily and not Karianne): Karianne Kohn Ver-Sasion.

  5. how about....Delilah Winchester? (Delilah because it's a funny name, and Winchester for the street we lived on for a while when we were kids.) :D

  6. Holy geez, people! These are awesome!!! I had no idea if I would even get one idea, let alone so many! Wow.

    Also, I notice that many of you are first-time comment-leavers. So nice of you to de-lurk and say hi! Come on in and make yourselves at home. Don't mind the dog hair and all the dust. I would rather knit than vacuum.

  7. So, I'm brand-new around here, and searching around your posts. I am so excited to find you and your knitting knowledge. I signed up on Ravelry to start the cowl!

    Are we still playing this game, or do you already have a new name? Here are my suggestions. I picked them based on "DW" and what I would want a knitter in a novel or screenplay to be named.

    Delia Winterbourne
    Della Winterbottom
    Dessie Walcott
    Dee Wallburg

    or any combination of these names. Thanks for the indulgence!