Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vacation photos, part 1

I, for one, am very relieved that you didn't send out the search party.  That would have been a bit embarrassing, so thanks for that.

The past few weeks have brought much excitement and many (welcome) distractions, but have left little time for idle time (aka: blogging). 

First things first:

The washroom renovation is coming along nicely.  I don't have final photos for you - just snippets.  We don't have a sink yet, but the tub/shower and toilet are up and running.  Most of the flooring is in (just waiting on the drywall behind the sink, first) and we need to touch up the painting.  Still, it's a marked improvement:

This was taken last weekend.  We've since removed the duct tape holding the panels in place, applied the silicone caulking, installed the curtain rod and curtain and cleaned up.  That first bath, which you see being poured was the first bath I had taken in 4 years.  That's how long we'd been living with the old revolting bathtub.  Progress updates to follow.

While we've been slogging away on the loo redo (haha), we've received company (poor souls).  I think I mentioned that some high school friends were coming to visit, right?  Well, they did.  And we had a great time!  They were only here for 3 days, which we filled with lobster and the beach and laughter (I found my abs again, thanks to all that laughter).  The lobster was likely the best I'd ever had and I have a local restaurant to thank for that.  We bought a truckload of cooked stuff from them and had a bunch of people over for an old-fashioned picnic with corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, grilled chicken (in case we ran out of lobster) and salad.  What fun!  We all ate until we very nearly burst.  Even my husband, who claims not to like lobster (WHA?), had to admit that it was delicious and even allowed that maybe he isn't *quite* as indifferent to it as he thought he was...  I guess that means there's more lobster in my future (YES!).

After the weekend of beaching and eating and laughing, we headed out on our excursion: a road/camping trip around Cape Breton Island.  I don't think there's much I can really say about the trip and what we saw.  It was exquisite, the weather was PERFECT, the company was wonderful and the whole thing was exactly what I needed (have I ever mentioned how much I love camping?).  I'm going to post a bunch of photos from the trip, but I'll break them up into batches, so as not to overwhelm.


(photos taken at sunrise in Chéticamp campground, CBI)

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