Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nothing to see here, just a little impromptu knitting tutorial

Someone on Ravelry needed a little play-by-play on a mini cable maneuver, so that's all this is.  Apologies to those who wandered over looking for some decent photos or fancy knitting poetry.

Ok, here goes:

 Step 1: place the tip of the right needle like so.

Step 2: slip it into the two stitches like so.

Step 3: wrap the yarn around the right needle like so.

Step 4: pull the new loop towards you, through the two stitches like so.   STAY THERE - don't pull everything off the left needle, yet.  Just give yourself a little slack in the yarn that's looped around the right needle.

Step 5: leap-frog over the second stitch and go back and slip your right needle into the loop of the first stitch (you'll see that I had to use my left index to keep the "new" stitch in the right place on the right needle while I maneuvered the tip into place).

Step 6: wrap the yarn around the right needle, as before.

Step 7: pull the new yarn loop towards you, through the first stitch.

Step 8: NOW take everything off the left needle and let it sit on the right needle.  It will look like a hot mess right now, but will emerge as a crossed-over stitch when you knit up the next few rows/rounds.

Voil√†!  You're done.

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