Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quilting Fairies

Dudes, I have no idea how it happened.

Or when.

Or who did it (quilting fairies? gnomes? elves?).

But the quilt top is done:

(I know, those two last strips at the head of the bed weren't attached to the rest when I took this photo; I've since sewed the whole thing together, but the light was gone, so this is the photo you're getting.  Also, please ignore the deplorably un-finished state of our home.  It's a work in progress.  Those floors are going to get painted this summer and hopefully, I will get off my arse and put the trim back up around the windows at some point this decade.)

The quilt is made entirely of scraps of fabric from my husband's old button-down work shirts, sheets, remnants from my stash and other little odds and sods.  I used a technique called "foundation piecing", which I learned from Denyse Schmidt's book "Quilts".  That means that the quilt top is made up of two layers of fabric and has a wonderful, sturdy, weighty feeling to it.  I was inspired by our winter landscape:

I recently learned that my local yarn mill actually has a long-arm quilting machine and they've tentatively agreed to quilt this sucker up for me, which means I won't have to spend 40 years trying to get it done with my little machine.  I may have to do some sweet-talking to convince Hazel to do it for me, but I'm down wit' dat.

Ok, Wood.  You win.  I'm keeping it.


  1. This quilt it going to be awesome. I just saw a post about a similar quilt on Apartment Therapy. You are so on trend!

  2. oh, it's gorgeous!! keeping it is going to make you so happy!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that quilt!! Perfect serenity for a bedroom piece.

  4. Well if you're THIS productive then I have a giant pile of sewing projects to send your way. I can't seem to get myself in gear. Also, have I mentioned how much I love your floors? I know you say you're painting them and all, but I swear my friend and I were pining over floors just like yours over the weekend.

  5. Thanks for the thumbs up, everyone!

    Sewbeeit: awesome link, dude! Turns out I AM cool, after all!

    Miranda: No, not productive. It's an illusion. The gnomes did it, I swear. I have no other explanation, as I have had my head in the knitting basket for the past 3 months. Also, trust me on this: you do NOT covet my floors. I'm tempted to send you an e-mail of crappy photos, just to prove it to you. Trust me, the grass is definitely greener on your side of the fence.