Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Argyle Colossus

I realize that I haven't given a status update on the argyle vest.  My avoidance was shame-based.  It is woefully under-completed.

Here it is:

And lovingly (whatever) placed over a well-worn and much-appreciated sweater that I've used as a guideline:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: instarsia, me no likey.  There are going to be approximately 1 gadgillion ends to weave in when I'm done.  I'm debating doing it on an on-going basis, as I progress.  Any thoughts, fellow instarsians?  Good idea?  Asking for trouble?

Also, my lack of progress may be due to some yard work we have undertaken.  I've decided that chopping/stacking wood is much more fun to do in the Spring.  Therefore, I have declared it a Spring Chore.  Amen.

This photo was taken yesterday evening at about 6:00 pm, when I got home.  Tonight, it is snowing.  Sigh.

And, my garden!  It LIVES!

Well, this was all pre-snowstorm, so it is will likely have taken a royal beating.  Status report to follow, when weather allows.

Because I spent so much of last summer feeling crappy, I feel as though I lost a year.  Do you know what I mean?  I spent my weekends crouched in the bathroom (TMI, I know...sorry) and/or in bed, so it's really all just a blur.  I remember renovating the bathroom.  I remember my friends coming over for a visit.  But I don't remember doing any decent gardening.  I was eating very little (elimination diets are hell), so I wasn't able to embrace the bounty that is organic gardening 'round these parts.  

This summer?  This summer will be make-up time.  I still don't feel 100%, but I'm starting to learn what works and what doesn't.  This winter, I was tested out the wazoo (no seriously, they tested my wazoo) and the conclusion is that there is nothing "structurally" wrong with me.  I have no tumours, no cysts, no inflammation, no lesions, nothing.  Apart from the potential for endometriosis (which I've always suspected that I have), there is nothing there.  So, that's good.  But it also sucks.  Because the only thing left is IBS.  Which, coincidentally, I have dubbed "Irritating Bull Shit".  If you have any experience with doctors and digestive ailments, you will understand what I mean.  They've latched on to the IBS diagnosis and refuse to let go.  If you so much as walk in there and tell them you have a stomach ache, their first and only guess is IBS.  At least, that's how it is out here.  And treatment?  They have none.  Live with it, they say.  Up yours, I say.  

So, I'm working with a naturopath and doing lots of reading.  I've discovered that on top of being gluten-intolerant, I am also likely fructose- and FODMAP-intolerant.  Good times.  Meat and dairy?  So far, so good (thank god, because seriously, I don't know if I can handle any more dietary restrictions...Universe, please do not interpret that as a dare, I beg you).  But, things are looking up, friends.  They are indeed looking up.

That bicycle of mine better get ready, because she and I have a hot date that is going to last 4 months.  



  1. Fellow-intarsian I am not, but whenever I use more than one strand of yarn I vow to myself to weave in as I go (but usually fail to do so) (sigh). I find your progress impressive; no need for shame.

    Irritating Bullshit indeed. This sucks. I hope you find a diet that allows for the perfect balance of pleasure (lots of it) and comfort (lots of that too), without causing pain (none of that).

    Says the city person, "Wood chopping sounds awesome! Yay!"

  2. I too have IBS - which just means We Don't Know What's Wrong With You Stop Taking Up Our Time. It's not severe so I have learned to live with it by lying down flat on my back when it flares, if I can, until it passes. Sigh.

  3. Something to listen to while you're knitting perhaps...

    Dark Quarterer - The Colossus Of Argil

    Hope you like it as much as I do.