Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Batchin' it

My hubbie has been busy this week with a rehearsal for a school play (cool, eh?) and a stupid teacher's union meeting, so I've been on my own for supper.  Last night I made the most awesome grilled cheese sandwiches with the most awesome gluten-free bread EVER!  There was an obscene amount of cheese on them (this loaf of gf bread is miniature, so I made two sandwiches...stop looking at me like that, I'm not THAT greedy!).

{Do you dip your grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup?  Because if not, you should.  Ok, now I sound greedy.}

My digestive system revolted today as a result of my over-indulgence (could have been the Thai food I had for lunch, I suppose), so I resolved to eat something a little easier on my system tonight.  Not sure if I succeeded, but you guys have to check this out:

Yes, I actually opened the oven door to take a photo of it.  You guys, the smells emanating from this appliance were almost enough to make me pass out.  I had no idea that basil, mushrooms and cheese could smell that good.

And the taste?  I have two thoughts on that:

1.  Holy

2.  Cow

So, here's what I did: I made up a batch of my tried-and-true gf pizza crust (sorry, it's from a mix that is made locally, so I have no idea how to reproduce it...I know, I'm sorry - I hate it when other people cheat when they post recipes online...someday I'll hack the crust mix and then I'll post my recipe online, I promise).  Then, I sauteed some mini portabella mushrooms in a bit of olive oil.  I slathered the tiniest hint of tomato sauce onto my crust, plopped the sauteed mushrooms on, took a handful of fresh basil and a handful of fresh arugula (no, not from my garden - are you kidding me? I wish!) and laid them over the top.  Then, I sliced up about 4 balls of bocconcini cheese and placed them over the basil and arugula.  A sprinkle of sea salt and the whole kit and kaboodle went into the oven for the prescribed 13 minutes.

And then I died and went to heaven.

{Was there too much cheese on it?  Will the tomato sauce make me wish I had never been born?  Only time will tell... Right at this moment, I say it was all worth it.}


  1. holy manoly. that looks positively amazing! I was just pleased to order my own gf pizza from pizza hotline for my lunch hour meeting today. It had nothing on yours, though. you have shoppers drug mart there, right? right now I'm scarfing down a whole bag of their Life brand gourmet brown rice chips - sea salt flavour. garden salsa's good too.
    enjoy your awesome supper!

  2. Oh my, I have to try this out one day. I love the simplicity of just a cheese and mushroom pizza but I can see how adding basil will bring it over the top.

    I wish I was having this for lunch right now. Oh wait, it's only 10:40 am.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay, that looks amazing. The photo in the oven? Good Lord. I have to replicate that.