Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People Are Nice

Something really wonderful happened just before Christmas.  I received this message on Ravelry:

Dudes, I just about fell off my chair.  Seriously.  My jaw hit the tabletop.  I kid you not.

Wasn't that nice?  I was so touched - especially because I have never met this person.  I don't even know her name (no, wait. yes, I do - ok, but I don't know her LAST name.).  I don't think she knows my name.  Yet, she took the time to hunt through my queue and saw that I had "wishlisted" Caller Herrin.  And bought it for a complete stranger.  Two days before Christmas.

Also, Wood sent me a beautiful card.

And my good friend from high school sent me one, too.

People are nice.


  1. marita is a such wonderful person. she's a friend from my old building in vancouver. i can't think about her without feeling horribly homesick for my life there. i'm not at all surprised she did this for you at all.

  2. You two are making me blush! Pleasure is all mine. xoxo