Saturday, January 28, 2012

Whoopdee doo

It's not immediately clear what is going with the weather, but - unrelenting rain, notwithstanding -  I'm pretty sure it's winter.

I took all of our usual gear out of storage a couple of months ago (and actually weeded out the duds - and got rid of old handknits)(!).  The problem is, we don't have a storage solution for it.  I am short, so a high-up shelf is no good.  My husband is very tall, so a low-down solution doesn't work.

(He also has what we have dubbed "man eyes" - that's the inability to properly see the contents of the fridge and other hard-to-reach places.  It is caused not by the loss of sight, but rather laziness.  I have observed that this particular affliction tends to affect men as opposed to women.)

So, what to do?  I don't have any room, it can't be low, it can't be high.  It has to be close to the door, otherwise it won't get used.

Also, it had to be buildable (we don't have an Ikea - not unless we want to drive 15 hours to the nearest one).

My solution:

That's right: slap up some metal standards and brackets, paint some 1x6 trim and slap them in there.  Phew, that's high design, right there.

Lame, I know.  But what can I say?  It's working.

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