Thursday, March 4, 2010

Under the weather, which is not saying much

Feelin' a little "under the weather" today.  And it seems that the weather is feeling a little "under the weather", too.  So, I stayed home to rest (took a four-hour nap...oops) and spent the rest of the time curled up, drinking peppermint tea with honey and cutting out little flower photos to fill up the new scrapbook my hubs got me for garden inspiration (thanks, schmoopsiepoo!  yes, I really do call him that - he's 6'-2" and weighs 220 pounds - he can handle it).

And I'll bet you're curious about that barn in the corner - the one that stole my heart and made me shiver when I first saw it in my Canadian Gardening magazine - aren't you?

Go here and you'll find it under "Amenities & Services".  Click on "Organic Farm" and prepare to fall in love, my dears.  A development with it's own, built-in CSA?  Yes, please.  Of course, the property prices are ridiculous and it all smells somewhat of elitism, but still.  Yes, please.  And I'll take two servings of that there barn, please.  With whipped cream on top.

Completely unrelated, I was just now wandering completely off-track in the wilderness that is the Interwebs, and fell upon this little jewel.  Go and watch the video.  I'm not a hip-hop fan, but this just about knocked me out of my chair.  Me likey good art.

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  1. 4-hour naps and drinking peppermint tea are the perfect way to spend an afternoon.