Sunday, March 14, 2010

We took a walk and overheard a conversation...

"Winter!" cried the Wind.

"Spring," whispered the Sun.

 And I have the coolest wellies, ever.  See?

They're neoprene and rubber, all cozy and seamless, so my feet stay warm and dry.  Perfect for the Maritimes in the spring.  (psst: Canucks - I got 'em at Canadian Tire and they were $40+tax....not a lot to pay for your own little piece of magic!)

Also, some randomness:
  • I started a tray of seeds this weekend, to see if I can grow some greens indoors.  I also bought some alfalfa seeds to try out a sprouting method my health food store owners told me about.  I will keep you posted.
  • As I predicted, I have to re-hem by new brown pinstriped wool pants.  When will I learn to pre-wash my fabrics?
  • My husband is clearing out some of the woods behind our house, to let in a bit more sunshine and help dry things out in the summer.  I can hear the chainsaw starting and stopping, starting and stopping.  It makes me a *little* bit nervous, given his past history of clumsiness.
  • I made some awesome progress on my sweater, this weekend:
    • I went back and dropped every third sleeve stitch (one at a time) and re-knit them with a crochet hook, to create 2x1 ribbing.  It snugged up the sleeves quite nicely and added a bit of zazz to them.
    • I'm now 3/4 done one sleeve and still have to pick up and knit the second.
    • I can see the end of the tunnel.
    • The best part is that I will have no seaming, when I'm done that sleeve.  Just blocking and drying.  Yippeeee!
  • I am making lasagna for supper tonight (with brown rice noodles).  It is going to rock.
  • I rented "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I really liked it.  Eric Bana sounds a little stilted, sometimes (I think it's because of his accent), but I really loved the sets and the cinematography.  You know that red blanket she uses for her little picnic, when they first meet?  I have that blanket!  It's a Hudson's Bay blanket and it is wool.  I found it abandoned in the laundry room of my last apartment.  No-one in the building wanted it, so we kept it.  My hubbie and I fight over who gets to use it. 
  • Daylight Savings kicks my arse every time it comes around (see mention of insomnia in previous post), so I'm not looking forward to waking up this week.  It's a good thing I know where to get some caffeine.
What about you guys?  Did you do anything nice over the weekend?


  1. hun? dropping stitches? crochet? i'm confused, but am in love with the result. sounds way too complicated for my poor brain.

    i think insomniacs and parents of small children should petition against daylight savings. it is the worst... ever.

  2. Yup, I knit until I got to the center of my sleeve and dropped the middle stitch. I let it "fall" (like a run in nylon stockings) until it got all the way up to the collar, where I pinched it to stop it. Then, I used a crochet hook to "re-knit" it, in reverse stockinette, so it formed a valley in my stockinette. Just like ribbing.

    I'll show you someday. I swear it's easy. Just time consuming. And maybe a little scary, at first.

  3. I want those boots! Are they comfortable to walk in?

  4. I love your knitting progress and your pictures are so beautiful its a little alarming! Kinda jealous =) We're all sand and grime over here right now.

  5. @Tricia: Comfortable? Meh. If you're only going for a little jaunt, they're ok. You wouldn't like them for walking home after work.

    @Kyla: Grime? You should see my driveway. It's more like slime (clay soil + water = goo). Why do you think I took photos with the camera pointing UP? In fact, we should have a grime-off. Bet you I would win!!!